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About Airlux USA

Airlux USA is a premier supplier of Energy Efficient Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps in the United States. With a central location in New York, New York, Airlux USA offers a wide array of air conditioners for purchase and also provides AC installation and repair services around the greater New York city area.

The original headquarters of Airlux were established in 2004 in British Columbian, Canada. Today the company is known for manufacturing, selling and installing a variety of energy saving cooling/heating products to customers across Canada and the United States. Our products include ductless split heat pumps and air conditioners, portable heat pumps and air conditioners and Accessories.

AIRLUX offers heat pumps and air conditioners at low manufacturer's prices. Company's offices and warehouses are located in New York, USA and British Columbia, Canada. The main components are covered by the manufacturer's warranty for up to 7 years. AIRLUX also carries inventory of spare parts for the air conditioners to quickly and efficiently respond to warranty repair requests.

Our company's goal is to promote energy efficient heating and cooling solutions by making equipment and installation as affordable as possible for as many customers as possible. Positive feedback for AIRLUX products and services has been received from thousands of customers for close to a decade.

Feel free to view our AC installation portfolio of projects including residential, commercial, government, hospitality industry and military projects. The most significant project successfully completed by AIRLUX so far was the contract with NBC Universal and VANOC to equip all broadcasting trailers and portable offices during Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games with AIRLUX heat pumps and air conditioners.